No appointment necessary!
We look through items on a first come, first serve basis.




  • Our consignment hours are 10AM to 5PM, Monday through Saturday.

  • For NEW consignors, please bring NO MORE than 15 items (this gives you a feel for what types of items we take).

  • We are extremely seasonal, so please save time by editing your consignment BEFORE bringing it in-store!

  • All consignors must bring items that are clean & nicely folded in a bag. We DO NOT keep boxes for footwear.

  • Once you have consigned, you will receive your consignor ID via email where you can check your account balance online. If this email happens to go to your Spam folder, just email or call the store to request your number.

  • Items that do not sell during the consignment period & are not requested back (you must call on or before your end date to make a request) are donated to local non-profits. See our DONATIONS page for more info. Your unsold, unwanted items go to really wonderful local causes!

  • If unsold items are requested back to a consignor & are not picked up in-store within TWO WEEKS, they will be donated. When this happens 3 times, we unfortunately will no longer pull items off of the floor for that consignor. (We do keep track!) No exceptions - consignors are in charge of their account & we use our precious (paid) time to pull these requested items off the floor.

  • If you have more than two large bags of consignment (equivalent to two large trash bags), we may need you to pick up remaining items that we do not consign the following business day.

  • Sending us a box of consignment or moving away before your consignment period ends? Please note that we donate any items that we do not consign & when your consignment period ends, your unsold items go to great local non-profits!