An Ode to Fashion Bloggery: The New Weekly

It’s easy to tear down the internet: the irony of use is palpable. Although it provides mind-blowing access to people and perspectives, studies show time logged online leads to more group-think and less empathy; more comparison and less meaningful connection to all walks of life. AND YET: there is unimaginable opportunity to learn, to share, and to engage. In our world, that means disrupting staid concepts of fashion, closet and wardrobe virtually and virally.

Before ushering in our new Weekly Blog (our focus: lives lived fiercely and fashionably with sustainable sensibility), we pause and pay due respect to our lineage. Here, an ode to Five Favorite Fashion Blogs (may we someday join them in the annals of Fashion Bloggery).

1.  The Classicist: Wardrobe Icons by Laura Fantacci:

2.  The Subversive: Man Repeller by Leandra Medine:

3.  The Realist: The Frugality by Alex Stedman:

4.  Timeless Inspiration: Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen:

5.  The European Flair(ist): The Fashion Guitar by Charlotte Groeneveld:  

Join us each Thursday for our Weekly beginning next week; meantime, enjoy the spoils of our passion. Kiss, kiss - enjoy!