How to Shop Second-Hand Gifts Like a Boss (Part II of II)

Well here we are friends. Hanukkah’s passed, it’s just days ‘til Christmas, and if you have, say, a life, some things have slipped through the cracks. Like Aunt Carrie, or your niece who only wants Free People and lululemon (she’s 8).

Here, your trusted resource for doing more with less (and the best tip I have).  Last-minute gifts!

What: Anything lululemon

*Where: Trusted Upscale Brick and Mortar Consignment Stores (at this point it’s too late to order online)

SHOP IT LIKE A BOSS: Make the athleisure trend work for you and pick up anything lulu! It’s a universal favorite with great quality and enviable styling. Go for signature leggings (this is what put them on the map).  If this feels too intimate, grab a fun layering piece or accessory -- an infinity scarf, a loose fitting tank, tee or hoodie -- in good condition (minimal pilling, seams in good shape, check between the legs…). Have staff help you with your final selection: there’s usually an expert on-hand to assist and they tend to be very good at what they do. Ask for gift-wrap in-store (Common Threads provides simple service, and nearly everywhere has tissue and bows). The whole thing will set you back about 30 bucks and put you in excellent stead.

 Photo Courtesy of Common Threads in Denver.

Photo Courtesy of Common Threads in Denver.

Now get on with your holiday -- may all be merry and bright!


*We love Common Threads in Denver and BoulderReal Deal Collection in Santa Fe, June in Minneapolis, Luxury Garage Sale in Chicago and online great: The Real Real. We’re always looking to expand our book of national recommendations, let us know about your favorite stores across the country and around the world!