Taking Care of YOU.

Being based out of Colorado, we Common Threads ladies are lucky enough to have access to amazing body care & beauty products.  Many are organic & some even locally-made!  A few of us from our Boulder store want to share some favorite tips & tricks for women who live anywhere!  Please feel free to share your self-care tips in the comments.


One regimen that was unanimous across the group was to HYDRATE like crazy.  Living in Boulder, the elevation (we’re at 5,430 feet!) & drier climate can be incredibly damaging to our skin.  Drinking plenty of FILTERED WATER is a crucial part of our daily routine!

Aga: “OIL PULLING. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique where you swish a tablespoon of oil (sesame, sunflower or coconut – always organic!) in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. Doing this draws toxins out of your body, mainly to improve oral health, but also to improve your overall health."

Andrea: “I have a one face ritual & it's a RAW HONEY MASK. Whenever my skin feels blah, I cleanse with Tata Harper face oil (oil cleanser is a must for me in winter) & rub raw honey on face/neck.  As it dries, I spritz. After 20 or so min, I jump in shower to get it all off.  Mini facial!  EXERCISE is a necessity for me, as well as a BRIGHTENING CREME, which makes me feel more youthful!”

Irene: “Have a DEEP CLEANSE SALT BATH. I like to take a salt & baking soda bath to cleanse my pores/glands & flush out the toxins.  Dissolve ½ cup Himalayan sea salt & ½ cup baking soda in the hottest bath you can tolerate for 10-30 minutes. Practice deep breathing & a clear mind or an affirmation visualization while in the intensity of the bath....  Fill up on water & good brain fats (nuts, coconut & olive oils), layer up in clean sheets & go to bed!  Rinse in the morning after your body flushes & be sure to change the bedding. Amazing renewal!”

Lesley:  “I like to use VITAMIN C SERUM for antioxidant skin care along with a mineral-based sunscreen to protect from broad UVB/UVA rays. I also LOVE Gabriel Cosmetics – they use clean ingredients & the foundation has a mineral sunscreen in it!”

Marjy: “I use a COLD WATER RINSE in the shower & when washing my face.  It’s great for your nervous system & gives a healthy glow to your skin by bringing blood to the surface.  Also, another tip I do regularly is to use certain ORGANIC FRUITS such as raspberries, apples, plums & cherries as a FACIAL! Just pick one fruit, take a small piece & rub it on your face. Let it sit for five minutes or more & then wash it off. It will make your skin so clean & even glow. The natural sugars act as a simple exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin & leaves a fresh appearance. This is even a great alternative to washing your face with soap!”  FUN FACT: Marjy is a holistic health coach & has also written a book on Psoriasis & using foods/herbs to heal skin!  Check out her site HERE!

Rachel: “One of my favorite tricks is that I use COCONUT OIL to remove eye makeup.  It’s gentle on the sensitive eye area & I always have it around home. I also use it as my night time moisturizer.  In the shower, I use a konjac sponge & warmed jade roller (both from Scratch Goods), as well as a creme wash on my face.  Immediately after shaving legs & other areas, I use my exfoliating gloves all over, then moisturize right after getting out of the shower (organic lotion or oil).  For my CURLY HAIR, I have been using the Aveda Be Curly hair products & Firmata hairspray since I was in my late teens!  Washing my hair at least every other day (waiting longer if possible) keeps the moisture in my hair too.”